Headshot/Brand/Event Session Guide

Headshot/Brand Session

2021 Headshot/Brand session price: Starts at $150

Upgrading your social media presence, LinkedIn profile shots, as well as portfolio shots for acting/modeling profiles? We've got you covered!

I learned that the best imagery comes from an understanding of the brand. I prioritize getting to know your brand first, long before the camera comes out, to ensure that my composition, editing, and product is in line with your standards. My goal is to first take the time necessary to understand your brand (its values, feel, and aesthetic) and help translate those keys into images that capture the look the and feel you’re looking for. I want to make sure I understand exactly what you want your audience to feel when they think of your brand so that I can best capture that with my cameras.

Event Session

From parades, and farmers markets to opening ceremonies, to family reunions and any other event in between (commercial or personal), I can help get the image coverage you need. Pricing these events and commercial use photography usually requires a conversation (and maybe a cup of coffee) to figure out pricing, so I would welcome you to explore my portfolio and contact me for a meeting with the button below.