The story of a Photographer

This is Blake,

(Sept-2021 UPDATE- Officially relocated back home to Fort Lauderdale!)

Originally a South Florida native, I consider myself as someone who enjoys the little things. Since a very young age, I've had a passion to create. Whether it was finger painting as a child, doodling on all of my papers at school, or reminiscing the disposable cameras I collected. There has always been a feeling of excitement when I can create something timeless, something that lasts, and captures a memory. I find joy in things that have meaning. I find myself being laid back-yet adventurous all at once.

Travel is a huge part of my life, Growing up on the east coast of South Florida, I often find myself being drawn back to the Ocean. I've lived in multiple cities up and down the coast of Florida and South Carolina with my previous career of Restaurant leadership. Over the past couple years I've taken a huge step to follow my passion of photography full time. Holding close all of the life lessons, experiences, and friendships I've gained through the restaurant industry, to start a new journey.

My goal outside of creating everlasting photos and memories, is to create an unforgettable experience. I want to capture real emotion, those laugh until you cry moments, or cry until you laugh, and everything in between. I want to build a connection that helps to share your story through an image that lasts forever. Thank you so much for stopping by! Send me a message and let's talk over the details of booking your next shoot!

My Sidekicks

Meet Maddy

This beautiful soul is a full time precision hair coloring, cutting specialist and MUA. Maddy creates some of the most breathtaking, classic, effortless bridal looks. She focuses on timeless beauty. Maddy can create any kind of style, for any kind of day.


Meet Layla

Everyones best friend and favorite snuggle buddy. This pretty pup has been with me for the past 10 years. She loves a good pup cup or a swim in the lake. She may have the loudest snore in the house sometimes, but there is nothing not to love about Layla!